Hey! I’m Danielle and 24 years young.



I’m a lover of all things Disney, Broadway, beauty, and life.


Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a little diary hidden under my pillow where at night I would write my thoughts about my day, dreams, and random thoughts. Back in 2013, I decided to start writing these things in a blog instead of a diary.

I’ve had multiple blogs in the past; from an angsty Tumblr to semi-professional WordPress, I’ve changed my username and theming more times than one should. Since 2015, this new site┬átakes most of my archived posts and is set for the future of whatever is to come.

In my spare time, when I’m not working for Disney, you can find me taking pictures around WDW, hanging out with friends, or catching up on my favorite YouTube videos.

So welcome to my own little corner of the Internet!

Composing with ♥ from Orlando.