Tonight, the final season of Glee had its two-hour premiere. Now for the last five years, Glee has brought audiences on one heck of a cross-country roller coaster ride. And this episode was just that. The first 13 minutes were some of the most dramatic 13 minutes I have ever seen on television. Basically, we all watched our beloved characters’ lives and relationships fall apart at the seams. They said Rachel was in hiding for too long? Audiences felt the same exact way.

One thing I loved about this episode was the musical numbers. I honestly felt like the creators are going back to the roots of season one. I’m hoping for not as much petty drama this season, unlike season five which was almost too hard to handle.  It was nice to see everyone come back to where it all started. There was only one person missing. One person that should be there. I’ll get to that later.

Can we talk about something? What’s up with all the relationships? Klaine is over. Blaine with Kropsky?! Really?! Here’s hoping that doesn’t last too long. And Rachel’s two dads getting a divorce? I mean, we haven’t seen either one of them since the first or second season. But wow, like Rachel didn’t anything else crazy in her life.
The new kids. Oh the new kids. They are ok, they got potential. But the only non-graduated familiar face we have is Kitty. Apparently, “Sue made all the New Directions kids transfer when she got rid of glee club.” I had a feeling not all of the kids would be back this season since we barely saw their storylines progress in the second half of season five. So I sort of expected this, but i’m still a little stunned.
And back to the singing. Blaine is coaching the Warblers, who are still fantastic, Rachel and Kurt are in charge of the new New directions, and MR. SHUE IS COACHING VOCAL ADRENALINE?! That last one was not expected at all.
Baby Shuester is completely adorable! But Emma was nowhere in sight which was really strange.
There were some lines in this episode that were definitely floating around Twitter. Please don’t get me started on the “I haven’t seen Newsies…” line. I hope the writer discovers that he almost started World War III on Twitter with that line. I have multiple opinions on reasons for that line, but I’m choosing not to voice them here. I’ve already said them on Twitter. “I always thought Finn would take this place over.” Yes, we ALL did. He was supposed to. And we all know the reason why he won’t be. “They say you have to lose everything before you can really find yourself.” I think this line was the premise of the whole episode itself.
In conclusion, am I looking forward to this season? Yes, or course, it’s the final season. I just really hope that they do the show justice. We shall see what kind of roller coaster ride we are taken on this season.

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