Another month has come and gone, friends. I can’t believe it’s already March, and then tomorrow begins my week-long spring break trip to Walt Disney World. It’s been 7 months since I’ve eaten a dole whip, watched Wishes, and screamed on Splash Mountain.
But anyway, February. February was a bit of a struggle. Online classes got more rigorous, residential classes became way more demanding than I anticipated, and work also got busier. But, I am glad to say that I made it through, and have also made it halfway through my final undergrad semester. The crazy project that took up the last bit of February was my capstone group project that needless to say, did not turn out to be my best work. However, there’s some time to improve, and I’ll leave it at that.

Cool accomplishments!! Yeah! Well, I have been continuing in my BroadwayWorld internship, and I’ve been able to write small stories that have made the homepage, and I also wrote another review for Liberty’s theatre department. I seriously could not have asked for a cooler opportunity than this one. Another cool accomplishment was that I sponsored my friend and SGA partner-in-crime, Chelsea’s, bill to add an amendment to our SGA constitution that states that our SGA will not hear or entertain a bill or any actions that are BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanction) related against the state of Israel. Liberty was the first school to ever pass this type of bill!

Crying over THE LAST FIVE YEARS! You already know my emotions and feels over this movie! But I can’t count how times I’ve watched it and I’m not sick of it; I probably won’t ever be (I’m actually watching/listening to it as I write this blog post). What’s even cooler is that I won a Twitter contest the weekend of the premiere and got a full-size movie poster! I haven’t had posters on my wall since I was in high school but that has now changed, hahaha.
What’s in store for March? Well, I mentioned in the beginning of the post that I am heading for Walt Disney World tomorrow for 8 days! I literally could not be more excited to reunite with some of my closest friends. I’m also taking my friend Nicole and her sister to WDW for their first time!
I’m also going to attempt to start vlogging. This trip is going to be a test of my abilities. I don’t have the most exciting life, except when I go places like WDW. So I’m not sure how the vlogs will be post-spring break, but we shall see! I’m going to try to vlog every day during the trip, and I’ll be posting those videos here on the blog.
So that’s it for February! Oh, and as of today, only 61 days until Commencement!!

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