I guess I should start off by saying that by “we’re all mad here,” I should replace the “we’re” with “I’m” since I’m the actually mad one.
It has officially been 8 weeks since I began my second DCP. I had hoped to be posting a weekly update for you all, but once you finish this post, you will understand why I haven’t done so, but what I hope to be doing in the future.
This DCP has been (almost) completely different than my first one. The first one was pretty relaxed and was focused only on having fun and doing some general education classes online to keep up with my degree. Besides a few hurdles such as living and the oh-so-lovely transportation, my first DCP was all right.
This time however, I honestly have no clue how I’ve averaged 6 hours of sleep each night. In addition to being on the DCP, I was taking my first ever graduate class online, being an Orlando contributing editor for BroadwayWorld, and also trying to apply for jobs to cover the “what’s after DCP?” hole in my plans.
Sound like a lot? Well, it is. But the worst part for me is not the overload of things on my plate; it’s the fact that I haven’t been able to give my normal 110% attitude to any of it. At work, I make magical moments and come in on time and do my part, but I feel bored and like I’m in the wrong place. With BroadwayWorld, I’ve only been able to contribute two pieces, and recently have been dropping the ball with commitments due to scheduling and poor planning on my part, which is one of my biggest pet peeves. With my graduate class, I’ve turned basically every assignment in on time, but it was done at the very last second and I wish I had the time to put more effort into learning instead of memorizing. And with applying for jobs, I have not done nearly enough hunting and am currently sitting and waiting for either interviews or rejections to come into my inbox. Almost zero networking has been done to push myself forward.
So, you may be wondering if I have chosen to give up anything to lessen the madness. Well, the answer to that is technically no. As of last week, I finished my class (which should be a solid A if all goes well), and I have decided to not quit, but take a break for the next 8 weeks. With the holidays and application transitions coming up, I thought it was best to take a step back from class. I do plan on continuing ASAP. With work, I am going to get out of my slump and be happy with what I am doing right now instead of feeling ready for what is next. As far as BroadwayWorld, I have decided to stop making excuses and try to find more ways to contribute. Luckily there are four people on the team, but I feel awful that I done a poor job of scheduling my time to make things I volunteered to do work. With job applications, I am still waiting to hear back from Disney jobs, but I plan on searching online for jobs at least one hour per day and will be getting my name and resume out there. I am going to make things work. I am motivated and determined to get myself out of the slump and back to doing what I do best: getting things done.
Also, there is one more thing. During the next two weeks I will be working to completely overhaul my blog and make it something I am proud of. This little online journal of my thoughts and stories is going to be transformed into a full-blown portfolio that can explain who I am. So keep an eye out for that.
Still think I’m mad? That’s ok. Want to know how I’m doing everyday? Then follow me on all my social medias. And if you have even made it this far, thanks for reading my rant, and please know that even though I am struggling, I really do love everything that I am currently doing.

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