Month: December 2015

Take the Dream with You

Oh, 2015, what a year you have been. I’d like to say that it’s been quite the year of adventure. Looking back on photos, past blog posts, and videos reminds me how blessed I’ve been this year. When 2015 began, I knew I wanted to make a change. I wanted to say “yes” to more opportunities, put myself out there, and just grow more confident in myself. Most of my life I’ve spent living up to a standard I expected to have, and when I didn’t live up to it, I was degraded and laughed at. So confidence has...

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An Open Letter to CPs Finishing Their Disney College Program

Dear friends, In about two weeks time, your semester on the Disney College Program will come to an end. You are about to have a lot of “lasts.” There will be a last time you get an assignment on your least or most favorite position. There will be the last time you work with a dear friend or least favorite person. And on that final day, you will clock in and later say goodbye to Mickey as he says “Thanks for making the magic!” for the last time. And you will most likely shed a tear. Trust me, I’ve...

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