Month: June 2015

DCP Bucket List – #CPAlumni Version

As a CP Alumna, you’re probably wondering why I’m making a bucket list post. Shouldn’t I have accomplished all the things on my first program, especially since I was advantage? Well, yes. But, here’s the thing: I was a Spring CP last time and now I’m Fall, and also I didn’t have a car so I didn’t get to go on many outside-of-Disney adventures. So of course there are things I didn’t get to experience last time that now I have the chance to! Also, my first DCP was back in 2013, and a lot has changed since then....

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Now is the Time to (Finally) Seize the Day: Seeing Newsies on Tour

On Saturday, the day I thought would never come finally came. It was finally time to make the almost four-hour trek to DC to see NEWSIES on Tour. I was so nervous leading up to this day. I wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible. Considering last time I made this attempt, it went anything but smooth. But, I didn’t want my anxiety to get the best of me. I did my best to keep my eyes on the stars and my feet on the ground, I knew I could do this (10 points for you if you...

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